🍑 Join the 100k+ who have gone clean, green, and upgraded their 💩 routine 🍑

🍑 Join the 100k+ who have gone clean, green, and upgraded their 💩 routine 🍑

The ultimate poll: Bathroom etiquette do-doos and don'ts

The ultimate poll: Bathroom etiquette do-doos and don'ts

Written by Caleb Johnson

We all have our weird and quirky rules around the house, especially when it comes to the toilet. It makes sense, the toilet is a sacred escape from reality, and we want it to fit our comforting needs. There are countless debates over what should be put where and when things should be done for the ultimate toilet time experience, and when things don’t go our way, it can get messy.  

Whether you’re a toilet time troubler or a poopy podium protector, you’ll have those things that just get on your nerves if they’re not done your way! Today we’ll be guiding you through some of these. So, strap in, and if your toilet doesn’t have a seatbelt - well done - you’re probably doing things right!  

Scrunch or fold 

Now, this is the big one. Overall, almost double the people fold their toilet paper than scrunch it. That doesn’t mean that you’re doing it wrong, or you’re dirtier if you scrunch, it just means you’re in the minority of bum wipers. Own it, you deserve to feel proud of how you decide to wipe.  

Women are significantly more likely scrunch their toilet paper than men are. Furthermore, people who spend more time in the bathroom have an increased chance of scrunching their toilet paper. There is, sadly, no solid confirmation on whether those skilled in origami are more likely to fold than scrunch but when we get that information, we’ll be sure to share it with you. See here for a tutorial on how to make a toilet paper swan! 

Putting the busy in business? 

Candy Crush, Instagram, emails, ordering takeaway, helping your friend with relationship drama, asking your partner what’s for dinner tonight: sometimes we just need that extra entertainment whilst we get busy doing nothing.  

73% of people admit to using their phone on the toilet, what’s more, 93% of young people say that they are a part of the faecal phone fanatics (yes, we just made that up). If you’re old school, you might be keeping up with the book club whilst you warm the seat.  

Come on, what else are you going to do? Read the back of a shampoo bottle. Been there before, it’s horror. 

Over or under?

Ah yes, a debate that will easily divide the room. This is the type of conversation that can completely devastate the vibe in the group chat and leave a sour taste in your mouth.  

More people identify as over-hangers than under-hangers. It was found that 72% of people hang the toilet paper roll so the free end comes down over the top, while 28% hang it so it dangles from the bottom. The strange part of this is that higher earners preferred to hang their toilet paper over. Causation or correlation? Next time you're at a friends, flip their toilet paper and see if they lose their job. Such fun!

The toilet seat, put it down! 

How many times have you had to tell a male counterpart to “PUT THE BLOODY SEAT DOWN WHEN YOU’RE FINISHED” ...sorry, innate reaction. Yes, it’s courteous to put the seat down after cutting the stream after you're finished. The process is confusing, we get it, but we believe in you! 

You might think it’s silly, but closing the bathroom lid at night could actually save you a lot of hassle. There are around 40,000 toilet related injuries a year. Imagine it, going for an innocent night-time wee and BAM, elbow deep in the forbidden nectar. So, save a life, close the seat.  

2’s a crowd, 3...is also a crowd 

There’s nothing worse than trying to take a well-deserved break in the toilet and being followed by your kids. The questions start flowing, the ‘what’s thats?’ and the ‘Whys?’ can just about put you out for the day. Others might like having a bit of company at toilet time, as children manage to break down any barrier of personal space you might have had prior anyway! 

One friend we might not mind in the bathroom is our little pups. In a study of 2,000 pet owners, a third of them said they let their pets in the toilet with them whilst they were dropping their marbles. The question is, would you let your four pawed pal share the brown spotlight with you? 

The perfect panic room

You’ve just had an argument with you manager, or maybe your partner has just plucked your last feather, where are you going? The toilet of course! It’s perfect, a lock on the door, a place where people won’t bother you, and if you’re lucky, a whole lot of tissue paper to wipe your tears. 

42% of people were found to hide in the toilet to get some peace and quiet, meaning that almost half of you reading this are included!  

Cake by the...toilet? 

Just when you thought you’d used up every drawer in the house, you strike gold. According to a survey, 14% of men use the bathroom to store magazines, books and even food for the times that they’re hiding away. Heard of a man cave? Yeah, this is a man pit. We don’t judge around here, so if you want to have your cake and eat it (on the toilet), be our guest! 

Washing your hands 

The scariest thing about 2020 could have been that adults had to be taught how to wash their hands properly. Even then, it seems some people still aren’t pulling their weight. It was found that 25% of people don't remember to wash their hands at important times. Honestly, sometimes your enemies are hiding in plain sight (apart when you’re at the toilet sink).  

Here at Wype, we don’t really mind how you tackle toilet time. All we care about is that you’re taking care of your wellness below the waist, whilst keeping an eco-conscious mindset! Why not take a look at what our sustainable alternative to wet wipes have to offer your toilet time experience by clicking here 


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